Adoption Gift Idea Guide Part 1

Happy Hanukah! For those of you that don’t already know, Hanukah is celebrated for eight days with a gift given each night traditionally. What better time to share our Adoption Gift Idea Guide with eight different suggestions? The gifts below may be appropriate for adoption advocates, those waiting to adopt, birth parents, adoptive parents, and/or a child that was adopted.

1. Jewelry

This is not just for moms! Children who want to identify with or are having trouble attaching to their new family may really benefit from matching mother-daughter, father-son, or family jewelry (think bracelets, dog tags, and watches for boys and men). Birthstone or birthstone and the stone for the month the adoption was finalized jewelry may be great for new moms. Kids may appreciate jewelry with birthstones for each member of the family. Children may also appreciate a keepsake ring or necklace for when they joined this family; rings can later be worn as pendants and necklaces can last forever. Adoption advocates will proudly wear the AdoptMore bracelet (only $5) – they make great stocking stuffers! Some other adoption jewelry stores that I like:

2. Country-Specific Gifts

Those that have adopted from another country have a special place in their heart for the country of their child’s birth. Parents and kids often appreciate items from that country, items that benefit that country, or items that represent that country (flags. books, country-shaped cookie cutters, etc.) Some children prefer identifying themselves as American and a part of their new family; these kid will appreciate American flags and other red, white, and blue items. You can search for item made in a specific country at Ten Thousand Villages. Rocks in the Sun is a book of beautiful pictures of Haiti and Haitian proverbs; proceeds benefit mission work in Haiti.

3. Books

Children that have been adopted often have unspoken questions or feel "different"; books can answer the unasked questions and help them learn that they are not alone. Adoptive parenting has its own challenges, and there is always something new to learn. There are numerous wonderful books about adoption. These are just a few that we love or have featured:

What other books do you love?

4. Apparel

What better way to spread the word about the orphan crisis or make a statement to the world than wearing your heart on your sleeve? Prices at the MLJ store are at cost only because we simply want to spread the word and help find more families for the children in need. Those in the midst of the process, may appreciate these shirts having fun with the idea of a paper pregnancy. I have seen several really great t-shirts, especially for fundraisers, but it was difficult to find much searching online