Creating Traditions: Pumpkin Picking


Every family has their own traditions, from when they open Christmas gifts, to where they spend spring break. Most of the traditions I had growing up were ones that, to me, never had a beginning. I can’t remember a year when my family didn’t go out to a tree farm and and chop down our own Christmas tree or a year we didn’t have a big family reunion in the summer or spend a weekend at our cabin with our dad in the middle of January. All of these things just existed, we just did them because we had always done them and they were fun.

Now, with my own kids, I have the opportunity to create family traditions of our own. It’s inevitable that some family traditions will carry over from my husband and I, but some will be brand new, like pumpkin picking. My boys are still a little young to really grasp the idea, but it was fun to take them and let them run around and explore. Now, each year they will be able to participate more as they grow and become more independent.

My hope is that one day, as adults, they will look back at this family tradition, and many others, and think of all the fun times they had each year. And maybe, just maybe, this will be one that continues on with their kids.

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