Crossroads of America Adoption Conference Speaker Mary Ann Randolph To Talk About Orphan Ministry

We are thrilled to introduce to you another speaker we will have at the Crossroads of America Adoption Conference (CAAC), taking place September 30 – October 1. This week we are featuring Mary Ann Randolph.

We are so excited to have Mary Ann as a speaker at CAAC because of her extensive experience as a Pastor and Chaplin at various institutes. Mary Ann is currently the Pastor of Church Life and Discipleship at East Side Church of God in Anderson, Indiana. Mary Ann has a great deal of experience in her role at East SideChurch of God, serving as a Pastor since 1997. Mary Ann is also currently on the advisory board for MLJ Adoptions, Inc.

Prior to East Side Church of God she worked as the Chaplin of Lifeline’s Children Hospital, Chaplain/CPE Resident at St Vincent Health Network, and then worked as the Vice-President at Harvest Computer Systems. Outside of serving at East Side Church of God Mary Ann is a wife and mother of two. She enjoys football, reading and decorating.

At the Conference Mary Ann will be speaking on the topic of Orphan Ministry. She will share tips, ideas, and encouragement on how to begin an orphan care/adoption ministry at your church. She will talk about what can be included in the ministry and funding ideas for pastors, lay leaders, and adoption advocates ready to make a difference.

Keep checking out our blog to see some of the other speakers that will be making an appearance at The Crossroads of America Conference. Can’t wait to see you there!

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