Family Spotlight: The Binns Family


We’re so proud of and thankful for each and every one of our families, we’re giving them the chance to show off a bit. We’ll be shining the spotlight on families by letting them introduce themselves and tell us a little about why and how they got involved with adoption.

Today we’re letting the Binns Family tell their story.

P1000191Introduce your family:
We are Ward and Wendy Binns from Georgia.

What led you to adoption and international adoption?
We chose adoption because having a child biologically would feel to us as if we were saying no to an orphan who desperately needed us. How could we bring another child into the world when there was already a child who was alive and needed a home? That being said we completely respect the decision of those who decide to have a child biologically.

What country did you choose to adopt from and why did you choose that country?
We chose the Congo because they are experiencing an orphan crisis. About 15% of children there are orphans.

Why did you choose to work with MLJ through your international adoption process?
We did a lot of research online and heard so many good things about MLJ. MLJ’s costs were not the lowest of all the agencies we spoke with, but with a decision this important, we weren’t going to let money be the primary factor. We are very pleased with our decision.

How long did the adoption take you?
We started the home study process in December, 2011. We were matched with Daniel on May 8, 2012 and we had him in our arms on December 12, 2012.

How has international adoption been different than you expected?
We were very fortunate. Everything went almost exactly according to plan. One exception was that when it was time to travel to the Congo, rebels had taken control of Goma in western DRC. So MLJ advised us against going. We were sad to not have that experience, but MLJ’s representatives escorted Daniel to the U.S.

How has international adoption impacted your family?
We’re only on this planet once and we want to have as many interesting experiences as we can while we’re here. Without a doubt, adopting Daniel from the Congo has been the most amazing experience of our lives.

What was adjustment like for your family?
This has been the best surprise of all. We were prepared for a tough adjustment, but we are just in awe at how easily Daniel adapted to his new life! He immediately connected with his mama and papa. He immediately felt right at home here. He slept all through the night from the very first night. He eats like a horse! He is rapidly learning English. And he loves hanging out with his extended family and friends at preschool. We hope saying this won’t give other adoptive parents false hopes, because you really should keep your expectations low. But there is a possibility that your child will have a very smooth transition.

What do you wish you could tell other families that are adopting or considering international adoption?
All children – regardless of what country they’re born in – deserve a good family and a good home. If you adopt from the Congo, you may even save a life.

Is there a special story about your adoption that you would like to share?
One night when we were putting him to sleep, just as were walking out of the room he whispered to us in Lingala, “Mama, Papa and Daniel. We are a family. Here … this is our house. It’s beautiful.”

Photo used with permission.

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