Father's Day: It's Not Biology


“Plant your feet!”

“Follow through!”

“Don’t hit him up top, go for the legs!”

These are all things my father yelled on the sidelines of games and practices when I was playing sports. I will always remember these moments that, at the time angered and annoyed me, but I now cherish. These are the things that a father does to show his son that he cares. And for sons at least, caring has nothing to do with biology. A son doesn’t say, “Boy, I wish I had my dad’s DNA.” Sons are most interested in those moments that build relationships. A good relationship between a father and a son give them the opportunity to have fun together and spend more time with each other.

However, there is more to spending time together than just having fun. It keeps the boy out of trouble and teaches him important lessons. When my dad spent time with me, he was always teaching me something and these lessons have become the most important lessons I will ever learn. I have learned how to stay out of too much trouble, rebuild carburetors, and shingle a roof, along with how to talk to girls and get a job. Most importantly, I have learned how to take care of my family when times are bad and that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

Every small boy and young man needs this. This is the most important thing for them for it will mold them into the men they will be for the rest of their lives. And none of these lessons require biological ties. The lessons can be taught between fathers and sons of all making, whether it is parenthood through birth, marriage, or adoption.

Every father’s day I try to do something to let my dad know that I do not take anything he does for granted. Then I sit and hope that every single boy in the world has the same thing I have and if they don’t, I pray they will soon. Young boys all around the world have never had a father yell to them from the sidelines or share their wisdom on life. They are missing fathers to mold them into men. Men, could you be a father to one of these boys?

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