Five Reasons to Attend an Adoption Support Group


adoption support groupThe adoption process can be stressful and overwhelming for adoptive parents and it is important for parents to have a good support group. Naturally our support groups tend to be comprised of our close family and friends, but often within that group there may not be many people familiar with adoption. They may not be able to relate to the issues you are facing in the adoption process or with your child once they join your family. Adoption Support Groups are a great way for adoptive parents to connect with each other and share their experiences about the adoption process.


Here are five reasons to an adoption support group:

    1. Build connections. Support groups provide a connection among people who share something in common. You are not alone in your struggles. Support groups promote an emotional connection between people who may feel isolated or like they are the only one dealing with their issues.
    2. Receive encouragement. Sometimes it helps when you can just talk it out with someone who understands what you’re going through. Support groups are a great outlet to be able to share concerns and feel like you’re being heard. When others can validate your emotions and concerns it does wonders for your confidence and self-esteem.
    3. Support others. Support goes both ways. It is important for support groups to have participants who are at different stages of the process. It is helpful to be able to observe the progress of others in order to feel hope in your own process.
    4. See things from a different perspective. Often times it is helpful to receive advice from others who have been there and actually understand what you’re going through. Others may provide a different perspective that you haven’t considered. Support groups provide an environment to problem solve together – two or more heads are better than one right? You might even learn something new!
    5. Build a community or network.  As humans we learn best through interpersonal relationships. A support group builds community among its participants, which can develop into close personal relationships. They also provide an opportunity to overcome isolation and network with like-minded people. Support groups are also a great opportunity to share resources or coping strategies.


MLJ Adoptions provides Country specific Support Groups led by parent volunteers. For more about the specific support groups we offer click here. You can sign up for our support groups on our calendar to let us know that you plan to attend here.  For more information or if you have any questions about support groups please email Angela.

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Angela Simpson is an adoptive parent, social worker and adoption advocate. Angela is MLJ Adoptions’ Support Services Specialist and works with families throughout their adoption process. Angela and her husband have two sons and have just recently added a daughter to their family through adoption.