Four Fathers Serve and Protect in Courageous the Movie


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Courageous is a film geared toward fathers based on the life, on and off duty, of a group of Police Officers. As someone who works in the field, I thought that I would be a little biased, so I had my wife watch with me (Trust me, she is the most brutally honest person I have met and would straighten me out when/if I were wrong). One of the great qualities of this film is that ALL fathers can relate to it, no matter what field of work they are in. You will find yourself identifying with one of the five fathers in the movie, whether it is one character or a combination of them. I had heard very good things about this movie since it was released, but I had my reservations going into it due to never seeing the actors before and never really seeing previews. While the acting in the film could have been a little better and the conversations and jokes between the actors just seem awkward at times, the message of the film sets a different tone.

Courageous portrays very well the life/routine of most American families and shows that the thought “I’ll just be better tomorrow” runs rampant through all of our minds. As people, fathers and husbands especially, we are creatures of habit. This can cause us to become stuck in our routine and we lose the opportunity to be an example to others around us. The movie grabs your attention from the opening scene and forces one to question “what would I have done?” After the group’s world is flipped upside down, the movie’s real message begins to shine through. You watch a journey of a group of men becoming closer to God.

I do have to admit that I did become a little misty during parts of the movie. I also must say that there are parts in this movie that will make you laugh, think and tell whoever you’re watching it with “That just happened to me the other day!” So, in conclusion, while yes at times the acting may seem forced, overall Courageous proved to be a great family film. At the end of the movie, I loved the message and felt compelled to find more inside of myself to give to my family. With that being said, I recommend watching this movie with someone who will hold you accountable. Watching a movie like this is not for entertainment, one watches this movie knowing they will not be the same. I do not believe that any father can watch this movie and not reevaluate his role in his family.

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