MLJ Adoptions’ Third Quarter Update


The leaves have started turning colors and falling to the ground, signaling that fall is here! At least in Indiana. The end of September also signifies the end of another quarter, and a time to share updates in our country programs. We have so much to be thankful for!


Since the end of June, we had four families in our Bulgaria program matched with children! All three families were matched with single children. We had our longest waiting family matched with a child this summer, and also saw one of our shortest wait times for a single child (6 months). You can see more information on the children who they were matched with and how long they waited below.

  • Female Child, 2.5 years – 39 month wait
  • Female Child, 1.5 years – 24 month wait
  • Male Child, 1.5 years – 28 month wait
  • Female Child, 1.5 years – 6 month wait (This family was open to more significant needs)

We also had a family travel to meet their sons whose referral they received in June. This family chose to pursue the adoption of children who were on the Waiting Child List.

In August, a family in our Bulgaria program brought home their three children! In 2017, two families have been matched with sibling groups of three. Each family waited 12 months or less for their referral. While we know that being open to sibling groups of three is a huge decision, we have seen fewer known medical needs and shorter wait times for these families.


At the beginning of September, a family in our Haiti program brought home their son! They had been in process for four years to bring him into their family.

We continue to see families waiting in the 24-36 month range to be matched with children in Haiti. We’re thankful that Hurricane Irma did not hit the city of Port-Au-Prince, and thankfully the hurricane is not known to be causing any delays in adoption processing.


After a five year wait, a family in our Honduras program was matched with a two and a half year old girl! They traveled to meet her in July, and are moving through the process in-country to be able to bring her home.


In August, two families came home with their daughters from Nicaragua! Both families were invited to travel to Nicaragua in May.

We also have a family currently in Nicaragua after receiving their invitation to travel in July. They waited eighteen months from dossier submission to receiving a potential match of a six month old girl.

All three children matched with families in our Nicaragua program this year have had known medical needs.

In addition to these sweet girls being matched with families, our attorney in Nicaragua has made us aware of several waiting children who are not currently able to be matched with families waiting on referrals. Since we have been made aware of this need, MLJ Adoptions is bringing families into our Nicaragua program who are open to children with special needs and/or older children. If your family is open to adopting a child over the age of five years old or a child with known medical needs, please contact us to learn more about our Nicaragua program!


At the beginning of September, two children joined their forever families from Ukraine! Both families traveled to Ukraine for their first trip in July, and completed their adoption journeys this month! The Ukraine adoption process is quick; both families traveled three months after their dossiers arrived in country.

  • Male child, 11 years old – 3 month wait (This family participated in our hosting program)
  • Female child, 5 years old – 3 month wait

We have another family who has traveled on their first trip to Ukraine, and continues to move forward with the adoption process.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of our country programs, contact us.

Caitlin Snyder works as the Director of Marketing and Outreach for MLJ Adoptions. Working in international adoption has given Caitlin the unique opportunity to pursue both a passion to advocate on behalf of vulnerable people and a profession at the same time.