The Duggars: A Large Family Inspiration


There are many wonderful ways to build a family.

Many of you may know of the Duggars. They are a famously large family from Arkansas-there are 19 biological children in this family, to be precise. In fact, they are one of the largest families in America. And it won’t be long before they have to change their TLC show name from ‘19 Kids and Counting’ to ‘20 Kids and Counting’. Jim Bob and Michelle, the parents of this large family, just announced they are expecting their 20th child!

At this point, the Duggars know how to easily adjust to one more child. They are a wealth of information and have endless tips on their show and in their books for families of all sizes. They share money saving ideas such as making products at home (laundry detergent, etc.) and recipes that are cheap and can feed large groups.

Although the Duggars have not adopted, they have stated on their show that they support growing a family through adoption. Whether your children are adopted, biological, or a combination of both, raising a family (especially one as large as the Duggar’s) is hard work. Educating yourself on parenting issues is very important when adding to your family, especially when a child comes to you through adoption. At MLJ, we support growing families by providing adoption services and excellent adoption education courses. We truly believe that every child deserves a loving family, be it large or small. Families are grown in many ways and adoption is one great way to build your family to its perfect size.

*We have heard the sad news about their miscarrage and our thoughts are with the family.

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