The Impact of Nutrition on Behavior


Every mom knows that certain foods affect their child’s behavior more than others. Moms with multiple children may find themselves struggling to pinpoint exactly which foods negatively affect each child’s focus and behavior. Most of us recognize that food affects our moods and our ability to focus, but few people understand how food plays such a major role in emotional and cognitive health. The bottom line is that the foods we eat – and the chemicals they contain – directly affect:

· Digestion

· Hormonal balance

· Brain chemistry

· Immunity

· The body’s ability to eliminate toxins

In turn, each of the above factors directly impacts our emotional health, cognitive performance and physical wellbeing. Creating an eating style that maximizes each child’s abilities and behaviors can be tricky, due to the fact that every person is unique and responds differently to specific foods. In my practice, I often find that mothers suffer from as many food-related struggles as their children. Helping families recognize and address food issues is one of the greatest joys of my life.

Food choices are often ignored by medical professionals, but can be the sole cause of behavioral issues, physical disorders and cognitive struggles. In my presentation during the Crossroads of America Adoption Conference, I will share detailed information about how foods, food additives and growing methods affect our brain and body chemistry. I will also share simple changes parents can make to improve their child’s mood, focus and behavior. I will concentrate on ways to help your children embrace new eating styles, and will touch on special approaches that can be used with children with special needs.

As a mom of four, I know how tough it can be to influence a child’s eating choices, but I also know how huge the rewards can be. I look forward to sharing my research and my success tips with you during the Crossroads of America Adoption Conference. Until then, please feel free to visit my website at or to contact me directly at (317) 489-0909.

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This article was originally posted on the Crossroads of America Adoption Conference website and was re-posted with permission.

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