Tony Dungy Releases Super Bowl Half Time Video Promoting Adoption

Even before Super Bowl XLVI came to Indianapolis, Indy was a football city. We love our Colts. We love Payton Manning. We love Pierre Garcon. And we still love Tony Dungy. Coach Caldwell has been fired along with the Polians, and Hoosiers are eager to see what Chuck Pagano will do with our team next season. Tony coached the Indianapolis Colts to a Super Bowl win over the Chicago Bears in 2007, and he still has a lot of sway over fans across Indiana. While Indy is become a Super City, Coach Dungy and his wife Lauren are taking a stand for adoption. They have created a video that they are requesting people watch during half time of the game on February 5th instead of watching the Super Bowl commercials or Madonna’s half time show.

Adoptive parents themselves, Tony and Lauren want to raise awareness to the millions of children in need of a home and a family in the United States and around the world. Just as Indianapolis residents are not waiting to experience the Super Bowl Village, MLJ Adoptions encourages you not to wait to watch this video. You might be interested in watching international adoptive mother Madonna perform during halftime. You might be lucky enough to be attending the Super Bowl and trying to chat with Jillian Michaels about her adoption process. With millions of children waiting, why would you wait a few more days to watch this video?

Super Bowl Winning Coach Tony Dungy Halftime Video for on Vimeo.

At MLJ, our passion is finding families for children. As football fans and adoption fans, we are also fans of the Dungys. Rather than waiting until February 5th while everyone is distracted by football, we encourage you to tweet, Facebook, email, and share this blog and video with your friends and loved ones today!