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Christmas Traditions in Latin America

When comparing Christmas traditions from your family, friends, and neighbors, there is great variety in the way this magical holiday is celebrated. But do you ever consider how other countries around the world, such as Nicaragua, Honduras and Mexico, celebrate Christmas? Just as in many other countries around the world, Christmas in Latin America is ...

What Is Dia de los Muertos?

What is Dia de los Muertos? In adoption preparation classes we encourage parents to embrace their child’s culture of origin. One way to do this is to learn about and celebrate traditions and holidays that are part of that culture. For parents who have or are adopting from Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, or other Latin ...

Guatemala Adoption Halt Creating Interest in Central and Latin America

Almost daily I speak to families with a desire to adopt from a Central or Latin America country. Most of these families either: Have a connection to the culture Speak Spanish Have been on a mission or service trip to the area Have adopted a child from Guatemala previously and want to adopt another child ...

Adoption and Your Child's Privacy

As I cruise around the world wide web, a large part of my time is spent perusing adoption blogs and articles. It is a great way to get educated and connected. You can read about other’s adoption stories and even become "friends" with folks you might not otherwise meet. But when it comes to adoptions ...

Supplies Needed for Latin American Orphange Support Trip

Our Latin American Program Director will be returning to Honduras and Nicaragua in May for the Fatherless Foundation annual mission trip with the purpose to provide relief supplies for orphanages in these two countries. This trip will include visits to four orphanages for small children (two in Nicaragua and two in Honduras) and a return ...
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